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Twitter… what will they think of next? October 5, 2008

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I am clearly behind the times! There is so much out there to explore and new technology is popping up every day. I can’t even imagine what will be available in twenty years. They keep saying that our nations’ children are getting dumber but they are definitely technologically advanced. I’m fairly young but we were just introduced to the web as I was graduating high school. School age children now have access to all the information and the communication methods to gain knowledge where as generations before only had the options of school books or teachers. The communication methods we use today are a controversial topic. One might see our options as distant and less thoughtful while another sees it as a way to keep in touch with friends and family more than ever.

One of the many new communication methods is Twitter. Twitter is a web site based method that allows one to keep a mini blog going to keep friends and family informed. Twitter can be linked up to other blog sites, a mobile phone and even through a personal email account. It’s another way to save time. A message can be typed once and sent out to the people that are chosen. These contacts will receive the message in the format that they choose. Apparently Twitter is quite the rave. Twitter can definitely be a good tool for education and business. Students can update each other once and when they choose. It keeps everyone in the loop without taking too much time. From the business owner aspect, it’s a way to keep in contact with clients from a phone or email. Memos or updates can be sent to keep clients informed. Some people may spend most of their time on the computer while others may be on the go with blackberries within reach. It basically ties all communication methods into one easy to use format.

There are numerous software applications available through Twitter. I built a mock website a couple of weeks ago before I knew about Twitter and there was an option to download it into my site. There is an IPhone Application, a Twitter counter, even an application called Qwitter that connects those trying to stop smoking.One application that was particular interesting was Any question can be typed in and a practical answer will come up and will be sent to the same methods chosen through Twitter.



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