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Help for those challenged by the road ways! September 20, 2008

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Satellite locations above Earth

Just yesterday I was heading into Richmond to attend a small business class and I almost lost my mind. I left the house in plenty of time and even had printed directions. But of course, this just wasn’t enough!  I called three different people in an absolute panicked frenzy asking for help.  I’m not sure what I wanted from them but it was either that or have a nervous breakdown on 5th and Main Street. So, it really wasn’t difficult for me to select which topic to write about this week.  I need a GPS unit more than anyone I know but I just don’t want to admit my failure of navigation.  I keep thinking I will overcome this weakness and learn the ways of the road.   

Regardless of my inferiority to the roadways, I did discover that these systems are quite affordable.  I was previously interested in Tom Tom but after web searching couldn’t find as much about it as I did for Garmin.  After perusing I’ve discovered that I can get the hot new Nuvi 200 for just $199.99. This particular unit comes preloaded with City Navigator NT that gives you Map information. 

It also has Garmin Garage which allows you to select your vehicles specific details and Saversguide with information on Merchant discounts in the area of your choice. Garmin offers a webupdater function that allows a consumer to go the website and download software updates as needed. It was listed on the website as a free feature. Unlike a CPU, the hardware for this device is a satellite above earth.  It takes pictures of whatever is below and sends signals that report data as requested such as for Direct TV or Sirius radio.  The software downloaded to your GPS essentially formats what the satellite (the hardware) is reporting and allows the user to understand the information.  A satellite might send longitude and latitude information but that doesn’t do me any good when I’m stuck in rush hour and have no idea where I’m at.  The signal from above is sent to the GPS unit, the software then unscrambles the data and it is delivered in an organized humanly format by a pleasant voice.  


With the help of these technological advances, there would be no reason for me to ever get lost again!


3 Responses to “Help for those challenged by the road ways!”

  1. young42 Says:

    I was driving in a Lexus yesterday which had the GPS built in. I thought of it as a bit of a distraction. I asked the driver does he ever find himself looking at the GPS and not paying attention to the road. He said not mention usually he looks at it when at lights. I guess it is something you get use to just like all the bells and whistles on my car dash.

    If you get a GPS do you have to have it professionally installed? Just a thought might get it for someone as a Christmas gift.

    I agree I hate being lost and could have used a GPS when I first moved to Richmond. I was always getting lost, or as I put it “explored new neighborhoods.

  2. har1eygur1 Says:

    I have thought about getting one, as I travel a little with my job. But once I have been to a place I can normally find my way back. I may not know my left from my right, especially when driving or giving directions, I am better with this way or that way. But I think having a GPS would be great when stuck in traffic on the interstate and not sure about the next exit, where it will lead me.
    The one thing I have enjoyed about getting lost, is finding new ways to get to a place I already knew the location.
    Now I can say, I wish I had one in 1983 when I drove to Richmond for the first time myself and took 95 and got off the Blvd the wrong way. I wanted to go to Broad Street and instead was heading back towards Hermitage and Lakeside Avenue; now that was an experience.
    I have thought about buying one for my mom, then I think where does she go that she would need one.
    I think that they are a great device and may have to look into one in the next couple of years.

  3. andrew5952 Says:

    My dad has one of the built in Lexus GPS units. There are options to turn the screen off; which he does unless he is driving long distance, or to somewhere new.

    I know I loved it, not because I’m a bad navigator, but because I usually get caught up singing, having a discussion with passengers, or whatever, and miss my exit. The vocal warnings, or chimes (depending on the unit) serve as an excellent reminder that my exit is coming up in next few miles.

    I think the easiest part of the GPS is that it self-corrects. Many busy streets and intersections don’t provide a lot of time to recheck the maps and find the next move. This isn’t a problem when I’m driving with someone else, but when I’m by myself it can be frustrating. I can glance at the GPS at a stoplight, or for the same amount of time I would look into a side-mirror and know how far my next move is, and which direction it is in.

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