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Twitter… what will they think of next? October 5, 2008

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I am clearly behind the times! There is so much out there to explore and new technology is popping up every day. I can’t even imagine what will be available in twenty years. They keep saying that our nations’ children are getting dumber but they are definitely technologically advanced. I’m fairly young but we were just introduced to the web as I was graduating high school. School age children now have access to all the information and the communication methods to gain knowledge where as generations before only had the options of school books or teachers. The communication methods we use today are a controversial topic. One might see our options as distant and less thoughtful while another sees it as a way to keep in touch with friends and family more than ever.

One of the many new communication methods is Twitter. Twitter is a web site based method that allows one to keep a mini blog going to keep friends and family informed. Twitter can be linked up to other blog sites, a mobile phone and even through a personal email account. It’s another way to save time. A message can be typed once and sent out to the people that are chosen. These contacts will receive the message in the format that they choose. Apparently Twitter is quite the rave. Twitter can definitely be a good tool for education and business. Students can update each other once and when they choose. It keeps everyone in the loop without taking too much time. From the business owner aspect, it’s a way to keep in contact with clients from a phone or email. Memos or updates can be sent to keep clients informed. Some people may spend most of their time on the computer while others may be on the go with blackberries within reach. It basically ties all communication methods into one easy to use format.

There are numerous software applications available through Twitter. I built a mock website a couple of weeks ago before I knew about Twitter and there was an option to download it into my site. There is an IPhone Application, a Twitter counter, even an application called Qwitter that connects those trying to stop smoking.One application that was particular interesting was Any question can be typed in and a practical answer will come up and will be sent to the same methods chosen through Twitter.



The cheaper way to keep in touch September 27, 2008

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I can’t tell you how many times my 78 year old grandfather has mentioned the price of a home phone line.  Every Christmas, Thanksgiving or just a routine visit, the subject of an increased phone bill comes up. Voice over Internet Protocol seems to be a great solution for him.  My grandparents have a computer and they don’t use the phone that much. This service also seems perfect for those that make lost distance calls more often.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is simply the transmission of voice traffic over IP-based networks.  In Nadeen Unuth’s article on VoIP transmits the sounds you make over the standard Internet infrastructure, using the IPProtocol. You can use this service for free through your computer to another computer with a microphone and speakers.  There is a charge if you want to use your traditional phone to make calls.  You can buy an adapter or buy a special VoIP phone for about $100.

Due to the exceptional quality of our traditional land line phone services, customers using VoIP have noticed the slightest of discrepancies.  Two major issues seem to be the clarity and the echo sound in the phone. This can all depend on the type and speed of the internet connection being used. The reason this system is not flawless is because data has to be compressed and transmitted, then decompressed and delivered.

Nextiva is more for small businesses and offers a monthly package for $19.99, Vonage offers an introductory rate of $29.99 and will wave the registration fee.  Cisco focuses mainly on larger businesses although they do have services and features for families and small businesses

I am in the process of starting a small business and will most likely be using VoIP within the next month.  I use the internet for everything and an additional home phone line would be too costly. I was really interested in The web site was easy to use and they offer the option to choose a toll free number, which I would like.


Help for those challenged by the road ways! September 20, 2008

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Satellite locations above Earth

Just yesterday I was heading into Richmond to attend a small business class and I almost lost my mind. I left the house in plenty of time and even had printed directions. But of course, this just wasn’t enough!  I called three different people in an absolute panicked frenzy asking for help.  I’m not sure what I wanted from them but it was either that or have a nervous breakdown on 5th and Main Street. So, it really wasn’t difficult for me to select which topic to write about this week.  I need a GPS unit more than anyone I know but I just don’t want to admit my failure of navigation.  I keep thinking I will overcome this weakness and learn the ways of the road.   

Regardless of my inferiority to the roadways, I did discover that these systems are quite affordable.  I was previously interested in Tom Tom but after web searching couldn’t find as much about it as I did for Garmin.  After perusing I’ve discovered that I can get the hot new Nuvi 200 for just $199.99. This particular unit comes preloaded with City Navigator NT that gives you Map information. 

It also has Garmin Garage which allows you to select your vehicles specific details and Saversguide with information on Merchant discounts in the area of your choice. Garmin offers a webupdater function that allows a consumer to go the website and download software updates as needed. It was listed on the website as a free feature. Unlike a CPU, the hardware for this device is a satellite above earth.  It takes pictures of whatever is below and sends signals that report data as requested such as for Direct TV or Sirius radio.  The software downloaded to your GPS essentially formats what the satellite (the hardware) is reporting and allows the user to understand the information.  A satellite might send longitude and latitude information but that doesn’t do me any good when I’m stuck in rush hour and have no idea where I’m at.  The signal from above is sent to the GPS unit, the software then unscrambles the data and it is delivered in an organized humanly format by a pleasant voice.  


With the help of these technological advances, there would be no reason for me to ever get lost again!


Plan to discard an old computer? Read first! September 12, 2008

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Picture this, an eighty pound elderly lady standing in the middle of piles of wires, circuit boards, broken glass and medal. She’s diligently stripping whatever is left of the pieces of electronics in front her. By her side is a young man catching medal on fire. Puffs of black smoke ascend into the air all around them. This is what it looks like if our computers aren’t discarded properly.
I assumed that I was in the know when it came to living a “greener” life but I didn’t have any idea about this. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever thought twice about it. I trusted that the major companies who produce the many electronics available to us today had it all figured out. When we irresponsibly discard of electronics we are allowing lead, arsenic, mercury and even flame retardant chemicals potentially permeate our land, air and eventually water supplies.  
The reason our so called “e-waste” is shipped out to China, India Ghana and others is all about money. These countries don’t have strict occupational laws and the labor is much cheaper. The workers expose themselves to the carcinogenic smoke from burning the wires and other hazardous chemicals on a daily basis. In developed countries, there are laws to protect workers from this kind of exposure. So, we ship it out to the countries that can’t afford to say no.
Some companies will give discounts on new equipment when you recycle. It is suggested to also look for recycling centers that have signed the pledge to not send waste to developing countries like China or to discard in municipal landfills. It forces manufactures and recyclers to take a different approach to recycling and thinking ahead. If we turn in these electronics to a proper facility or donate if the device can still be used we are one step closer to a greener life.


My life in a nutshell… September 6, 2008

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I was born and raised in the central Virginia area with two sisters. I graduated high school in 1997 and without regrets left for Marine Corps boot camp a month after graduation. I spent my first four years in the Air wing at New River Air station. I was a crew chief on a C-12, 7 passenger airplane.  I had a few different jobs the next four years but ended up at Quantico, Va.  I worked in a security vault for Headquarters Marine Corps and this is where I truly felt the impact of our casualties over in Iraq. I made the decision to move on and ended my tour in October of 2006.

After ending my service with the Marine Corps I started a petsitting/dog daycare business in Northern Virginia.  It grew unbelievably fast and I worked very hard but enjoyed every day. A year later, I made a decision to move closer to family and one of my clients at the time took over my business. 

I moved back into the central Virginia area about a year ago. I live with my boyfriend Chuck and my dog Mason.  Chuck and I went to high school together and reunited a couple of years ago when I was visiting back home. He has owned a fine woodworking business for about five years and Mason earns a living by sleeping all day.  Mason is a brindle pit bull and I had the pleasure of rescuing him from a terrible home when he was 10 months old. He has been my baby ever since.


I am a flight attendant based out of Richmond International and my schedule is hectic to put it mildly.  When I am home, I am always busy.  When I have time, I take culinary arts classes through the University of Richmond’s continuing studies program.  I enjoy meal planning, baking, and even grocery shopping. My hobbies also include outdoor activities such as snorkeling, bike riding, swimming and anything that allows the sun to hit my face.


My goals for now…

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Even though I know that I should, I never live in the moment. I am constantly thinking about what’s next.  I multitask on things that I should be enjoying.  This being said, my immediate goal is to relax and enjoy life at least some of the time.  I like to stay busy and loathe wasting time. This is probably why I can’t fall or stay asleep at night.  After I master the art of relaxation and living in the moment, I intend to finish my associate of liberal arts.  I have been going to school on and off for ten years and I plan to take baby steps.  I am not far from my associates degree and it’s a much more attainable goal.  I do plan then to major in business. 

At the current time, I am hoping to get out of the airline industry and find a new job to gain some of the sanity and structure back in my life. In addition I have been in the process of starting a small office support business that is keeping me quite busy.  I enjoyed running my own business before and learned so much.  I am venturing into a new industry but have the most experience with office management. 

As it stands now, I have many goals just as most of us do.  I don’t think I will ever be at the point where I won’t desire to reach another goal.  My grandfather is 71 and just went back to school.  This is a great example of how I want to live my life.  If I can only reach that goal of relaxing and taking it easy.   I guess I will have to put that on my list of things to do.